Beautiful Kitchen Cabinets

From Seth Townsend, Marietta, GA …

Build Kitchen Cabinets with the System I Discovered Years Ago …

The easiest way to build kitchen cabinets is all detailed in the book by Danny Proulx. His book and cabinet building methods have been the cornerstone of my custom cabinet business since 2003.

There’s really no need to re-invent the wheel – Danny’s book offers a basic cabinet building system that even beginner’s can master. His methods are simple and straightforward. I recommend Danny’s book as the system to follow – it’s easy and it works.


… Then Follow My Plans Based on Danny’s System

Easy-to-follow plywood cutting diagrams.

And while Danny’s system offers a great method for building cabinets, you’ll still need a set of plans for your space. That’s where I can help. The cabinet plans I create are based on Danny’s construction methods.

Yes – you can build kitchen cabinets with the materials you want to use – perhaps cherry or maple. Then, get complete guidance about how to lay out the materials. It’s one thing to build a single cabinet – quite another when your kitchen might require 15-20 cabinets.

As you begin to think about building your own kitchen cabinets, you’ll want to plan and budget for the following:

  • How many sheets of plywood or sheet stock will you need?
  • What’s the best way to cut everything?
  • Should you make or buy cabinet doors?
  • Where’s the best place to buy accessories and hardware?
  • How many lineal feet of face frame stock will you need?

Yes - you really can build your own kitchen cabinets.

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