Learn the System by Danny Proulx

Build Cabinets the Easy Way

Follow Danny Proulx to learn and understand a simple and easy cabinet building system. That sytem is detailed in his book: Build Your Own Kitchen Cabinets. Danny’s system has been the preferred construction method for the custom cabinets I offer in metro Atlanta.

Here’s What’s Inside:

Build Your Own Kitchen Cabinets
  • Chapter 1: Learn the basics of kitchen design standards and improve function
  • Chapter 2: Kitchen cabinet anatomy – face frames, casework, and hinges
  • Chapter 3: Building wall cabinets
  • Chapter 4: Building base cabinets
  • Chapter 5 & 6: Building pantry and specialty cabinets
  • Chapter 7: Building islands and peninsulas

If you haven’t read Danny’s book, get it today. Though the materials and styles presented in the book are a bit outdated, Danny offers a basic cabinet building system that even beginner’s can master. No need for dadoes or other complicated methods of joinery. His book is the foundation for learning how to build kitchen cabinets. I recommend Danny’s book as the system to follow – it’s easy and it works.


Build Beautiful Cabinets Like These …

Learn how to build kitchen cabinets with Danny Proulx
Build beautiful kitchen cabinets.

I’ve made just a few minor modifications to Danny’s system to conform to the cabinet building standards of the industry. They’re all contained in my cabinet plans.

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